The new SUOM LED connector
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SUOM in the connector technology, leading the technology trend, constantly breakthrough. But these connector technology breakthroughs, are based on customer convenience, designed for the customer experience friendly. LED connector Shuo Ming suom the new is so, technical advantages, no doubt, to give users a new experience, the most important is the design starting point is based on customer convenience.
Shuo Ming electronic this launched a plug-in LED connector for the global LED lighting market, the new connector for surface mount type (SMT) two connector, very suitable for board mounted LED interconnection, the lighting controller and the other using insertion type wiring applications.
This is inserted into the LED connector is fully compliant with the RoHS specification, terminals with copper alloy, the nickel plating, tin surface, thus avoiding the product may cause harm to human body and the environment. Shell is made of high temperature plastics, flame retardant grade reaches UL94-V0, which can ensure the safety of product. In addition, packaging specification of the product conforms to ANSI/EIA standard 481-C. Clients on the LED connector standards and safety requirements can be assured.
This plug-in LED connector of the biggest characteristic is convenient for customers to use, not only for the 18AWG 6 core and 16 core twisted wire, and can be used for solid lines 18AWG to 22AWG, and the 18AWG to pre bonding 20AWG stranded wire. The connector has been certified by ULC/UL, rated current 48V DC voltage is 4A, rated current 250V AC voltage is 4A.
SUOM Shuo Ming Electronics and the launch of the insertion type LED connector is not only easy to customers, but also meet the requirements of environmental protection, can be for customers to save time and cost. It can provide fast and reliable cable connection, especially can replace the manual welding for single aluminum circuit board, thereby reducing the amount of labor. In addition, the insertion type LED connector adopts reel packaging, suitable for high-speed surface mounting equipment, shell is made of high temperature plastic, meet the reflow process requirements. These subtle aspects, reflects the basic design Shuo Ming electronic connector, is designed based on customer convenience.
Everything we do is start from the basic needs of customers, welcome customers to come to negotiate business.
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